2021 Summer Syllabi for Online Courses Posted to the MCO

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Michigan Colleges Online (MCO) allows students who are currently enrolled at one of the 28  Michigan community colleges to take courses from other Michigan community colleges while still receiving support services at their degree granting college.

Syllabi for online instructors who are offering their sections for enrollment via Michigan Colleges Online (MCO). You will find the syllabi under the Files widget on this page.


  • BUS-1100
  • BUS-1210
  • BUS-1410
  • BUS-2530
  • CIS-1050
  • COM-1290
  • CRJ-1050
  • CRJ-1060
  • CRJ-1403
  • CRJ-1407
  • CRJ-1720
  • CRJ-2310
  • CRJ-2320
  • CRJ-2403
  • FFT-1520
  • HIS-1510
  • HUM-1900
  • LIB-1200
  • LIB-2150
  • MKT-2520
Note: The list of courses above are those offered by OCC through the MCO to students from the other 27 Michigan community colleges.

If you are an OCC student looking for a complete list of OCC courses, visit MyOCC.
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