Accessibility Checker in D2L HTML Editor


The built-in  Accessibility Checker in D2L follows a set of rules established by W3C and WCAG 2.0 when searching your HTML document.



When you are posting content for others to read in your D2L course, it’s important to think about web accessibility. D2L has an Accessibility Checker tool built in that will help determine if the content you’ve posted is going to be accessible.

The Accessibility Checker in D2L follows a set of rules established by W3C and WCAG when searching your HTML document. These are the various rules that are checked by the Accessibility Checker:

  • Usage of paragraphs as headings
  • Sequential headings
  • Adjacent links
  • Ordered list structure
  • Unordered list structure
  • Contrast ratio of the text
  • Image ALT text
  • Alt text filename
  • Table caption
  • Complex table summary
  • Table caption and summary
  • Table heading scope
  • Table markup
  • Table headers

Here's How

  1. Log into D2L and then access the course site. 
  2. Access the area (i.e. HTML Content Topic, Discussions or Assignments) where you will be adding text or images using the D2L HTML editor.
  3. Enter your text and/or image(s) into the editor.
  4. Select the Accessibility Checker.
    Accessibility Checker icon location in footer of rich text editor.
  5. Review the results and correct any issues identified by the checker.


Video posted to YouTube by D2L.



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