Course Start and End Dates


OCC standards regarding course start and end dates, as well as activation and deactivation.



Beginning Summer 2016, course start and end dates will automatically be populated in a D2L course site.

What does this mean?


The start and end dates for a D2L course site are automatically populated by the Colleague / D2L course site creation process.

Start Date

A D2L course site's start date is the section's official start date minus 7 days.

  • Students will be able to access a D2L course site 7 days prior to the section's official start date listed on the MyOCC site.
  • Instructors are encouraged to post the section syllabus and a 'Welcome' announcement advising students of books, schedule, and important course information.
  • The start date cannot be modified by an instructor.

End Date

A D2L course site's end date is the official end date of the section plus 10 days.

  • Students will no longer be able to access the D2L course site 10 days after the official end date of the section.
  • The end date cannot be modified by an instructor.

Status (Activation)

All D2L course sites are automatically created with the Course is active option selected, however, the start and end dates control when a student may access the course site.



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