Viewing Turnitin Similarity Reports


Your instructor may use Turnitin for checking originality of sources for assignments submitted in D2L.



Your instructor may use Turnitin for checking the originality of sources for assignments submitted in D2L. Here are the steps to help you with viewing a Turnitin Feedback Studio Similarity Report for your assignment submission.

Here's How

  1. Once you enter your course, click Assignments on the navigation bar.
  2. On the Assignment Submission folders page, locate the assignment folder (e.g. Assignment 1) and click on the number displayed in the Submissions column.

    Note: The submission history will always be a number (e.g. 1).
  3. On the Submission History page, click on the similarity percentage listed in the Turnitin Similarity column to view the report.
  4. The similarities in the Turnitin Feedback Studio Similarity Report will be highlighted and numbered (e.g. "in disgrace with fortune with men's eyes" (1)).
  5. To see a list from where the similarities originated, click on the Match Overview percentage (e.g. 4) to the right. In this example, 4% of this paper's content is found in other student papers.
  6. View the details when you click on a one of the matches (e.g. 1 listed in the Match Overview section to the right.

Note: Any questions regarding your Turnitin Feedback Studio Similarity Report and policies should be directed to your instructor.



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