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Viewing, Dismissing, and Restoring Announcements


Your instructor uses announcements to communicate with you throughout the semester. You will see your announcements when you access your course site. You may choose which announcements you want to view by using the "dismiss" and restore features.

Here's How

Viewing Announcements

  1. Once logged into D2L, select your course by clicking on the grid icon.
  2. Once you enter your course, Announcements will appear on your Course Home page.

    Note: Announcements are located on the Course Home page. When you are elsewhere in your course site, simply click on the Course Home link on the navigation bar to return to home where your announcements will appear.

Dismissing  Announcements

  1. To "dismiss" an announcement on the Course Home page, click on the X to the right of the announcement name e.g. Welcome to Week 1.

    Note: The Announcement will only be "dismissed" from the view of a user who "dismisses" the Announcement, while other users will still be able to view it displayed in Announcements.

Restoring an Announcement

  1. To restore an announcement and bring it back for display, click on the drop-down arrow next to announcements, then select Go to Announcements Tool.
  2. Click the drop-down arrow next to the name of the "dismissed" announcement e.g. Welcome to Week 1 and select Restore.
  3. Click on Course Home and you will see the announcement has been restored.


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