Pinning and Unpinning Courses to Your My Course Widget


The new My Courses Widget displays courses as tiled course images. You can add or remove (pin and unpin) courses at any time. The following instructions will pin and unpin courses to your My Courses Widget.

Here's How


  1. Log into D2L.
  2. Click the View All Courses link at the bottom of the My Courses widget.
    Screenshot of View All Courses Option
  3. Find a course you wish to pin by:
    • Scrolling through the list of courses until you find the course you want, or
    • Use the Find a course search mechanism.
  4. Hover your mouse over the course's image and an ellipsis appears in the top right corner of the mouse. Click the ellipsis to view the dropdown menu.
  5. Select Pin from the dropdown menu.
    My course widget dropdown menu


  1. Log into D2L.
  2. Navigate to your My Courses widget.
  3. Hover your mouse over the course you wish to unpin and click the ellipsis.
  4. Select Unpin from the dropdown menu.
    my course widget dropdown menu
    Note: You may also click the Pin icon to unpin a course from your My Course widget.
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