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The following system availability and statuses are listed here: Assignment Grader by D2L, Brightspace by D2L, EduDentity, Kaltura, Turnitin, Zoom
Connecting to the Student Wireless Access.
To ensure that your D2L experience is as seamless as possible, we recommend that you keep your workstation up to date with a supported browser version.. By using non-supported technology, you may experience technical difficulties.
This quick guide covers some basic information to help you get started in D2L. You may find additional help documents under the Academic Tools & Resources category in this Knowledge Base (KB).
Instructions on submitting a service request as a student user.
Wireless student web printing instructions.
Important faculty information regarding student pre-req for online courses.
OCC offers many courses online, however, if there is a course that we do not currently offer online, you have the option of taking the online course from one of the other community colleges in Michigan.
To ensure the best possible experience in D2L, please make sure your browser or mobile technology is using the minimum requirements listed in the document.
With D2L you can access online course materials and activities, as well as collaborate with your instructor and other students from your home, office or anywhere with an Internet connection. From your mobile device, stay current with assignment changes as D2L's Mobile Web provides instant access to campus news, announcements, events and deadlines the minute they are posted.
Connecting to the Student Wireless Access.
Connecting to the Student Wireless Access.
These important standards, defined by the EMP Distance Learning Implementation committee, will ensure OCC’s online courses meet a high level of expectation, and that all students receive a high-quality education from OCC.
How to access Library resources for training material.
D2L is committed to performing key application testing when new browser versions are released. However, due to the frequency of some browser releases, D2L cannot guarantee that each browser version will perform as expected. This article will define each type of supported and non-supported browser and browser version.
Your instructor may use the Quizzes tool to deliver tests to you from within the course site. The information in this guide will walk you through the quiz taking process as well as provide other tips regarding taking a quiz.
The D2L system enforced a size limit per email message.The maximum size of an email including attachments is 600KB.
The Classlist tool will permit you to see who is enrolled in your course and online. The Classlist may also include the functionality to permit you to send emails to the other course members.
When downloading a Content file, the file is renamed to DirectFileTopicDownload and the file extension is removed.
OCC standards regarding course start and end dates, as well as activation and deactivation.
Connecting to the Guest Wireless Access.
Connecting to the Guest Wireless Access.
Once you are enrolled in a course as a student, its events are automatically added to your Calendar tool.