Joining a Zoom Meeting


Users can join Zoom meetings by clicking on the invitation web link, or by entering the meeting ID on the OCC Zoom web page.

Here's How

Join Zoom Meeting Using the Invitation Web Link

In the Zoom meeting invitation email, or where posted on a web page (including D2L), select the provided web link.

Zoom meeting URL highlighted

Join a Zoom Meeting with a Meeting ID

  1. In the Zoom meeting invitation email, or where posted on a web page (including D2L), copy the meeting ID.
    Join by phone message with meeting ID highlighted
  2. Go to the OCC Zoom web page .

  3. Select Join a Meeting from the website menu at the top of the screen. webpage with Join a Meeting highlighted

  4. Type the Meeting ID into the text box.
    Join a Meeting page from with Meeting ID text field highlighted

  5. Select Join to launch the meeting, and follow the browser prompts.

  6. Note: If this is your first Zoom meeting on a particular computer, you will be prompted to download the Zoom plugin.
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