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The following system availability and statuses are listed here: Assignment Grader by D2L, Brightspace by D2L, TechSmith Relay (Pilot), Turnitin, Zoom
You can give one or more students special access to your quiz to allow individual students earlier access to the quiz, to allow individual students later access to the quiz, to allow individual students more time to take a quiz, or to to allow individual students a different number of attempts in the quiz.

Here's How
There are a couple ways to join a zoom meeting as a participant.
TechSmith Knowmia (TSk) allows users to upload videos in an MP4 format.
You may want to change the title of your video in Techsmith Knowmia, or add a description. Both of these actions can be performed in the Edit Details tab.
If you are enrolled in multiple courses at OCC, it may be helpful to create a TSK subfolder within a top level folder, so you can organize your videos per course.
You can create a folder in TechSmith Knowmia to organize your videos. For instance, if you are teaching five courses, you can create a folder for each course.
TechSmith Knowmia support contact information for students. Complete list of tutorials and guides for TechSmith Knowmia® users published by TechSmith Corporation ©1995-2020.
How to install Adobe XD on a Virtual Machine for student use.
Information pertaining to Student Access to Adobe Creative Cloud during COVID-19 campus closure.
Student Laptop Information
The Classlist tool will permit you to see who is enrolled in your course and online. The Classlist may also include the functionality to permit you to send emails to the other course members.
Important faculty information regarding student pre-req for online courses.
The built-in  Accessibility Checker in D2L follows a set of rules established by W3C and WCAG 2.0 when searching your HTML document.
Connecting to the Student Wireless Access.
Office365 install for students.
This article provides information on customizing your browser's default font preferences.
You can send emails to class members or your instructor from the Classlist in D2L. You may use this feature as an option to logging into your OCC student email account in order to send an email message. The D2L system is a "send-only" system which allows instructors and students to send email from D2L, thus emails sent to you from D2L can be accessed and read from your OCC student email account. Lastly, in order to send emails from D2L, you must have an active OCC student email account.
You can download content in D2L for each of the content topics. There are two ways to download content in D2L. Topics may be downloaded as an individual file to use outside of D2L for purposes such as reviewing when studying. You are also able to download content at the module level, which includes all content topics in the module packaged as a .zip file.
Your instructor may use Date Restrictions for Content to control when a module or topic is available for you to access. This means that modules and topics may only be available during a specific range of time. Instructors may also set up Due Date deadlines for modules and topics. Due dates are different than date restrictions. Check with your instructor first regarding any questions about specific due dates. Another way your instructor controls access to content is by using Release Conditions.
Information on where to find D2L technical support for students may be found on various OCC sites and web pages.
After you log into D2L, you'll find yourself on the D2L My Home page. Found at the top of D2L's My Home page is the Minibar. It contains the tools to help you navigate the D2L system or search for your D2L courses, as well as update your D2L profile, notifications and account settings.
Interested in finding online courses? Visit the MyOCC site and click on Search for Distance Learning sections to see what is available. See below for important details on how to search and register for online courses.
Your instructor uses Announcements to communicate with you throughout the semester. You will see Announcements when you access your course site. You may choose which announcements you want to view by using the "dismiss" and "restore" features.
You can participate in discussion in one of two ways: by posting a new thread to a discussion topic or by replying to a thread that a student or your instructor has posted. To keep track of new activity, you can also subscribe to a discussion and receive updates by email or text message immediately or as a daily email summary.