Accessing OCC Student Email

Student emails are hosted by Google and are not true Gmail accounts. The OCC Student emails do not work on the Gmail app that can be found on most smart devices.

To access your account, please ensure you are:

  1. Using Firefox or Google Chrome when attempting to gain access to a student email.
  2. Access the link provided for your student email directly from the OCC home page or the one within the Students section of MyOCC

If you are unable to access the email or have another Gmail account setup on your device, you can try the following.

  1. Try using a different web browser preferably Google Chrome or Firefox
  2. Open a “New Incognito Window” if using Chrome or a “New Private Window” if using Firefox, then navigate to the Student Email link on the OCC homepage or to the Student Email link within the Students section of MyOCC and attempt to login with your OCC credentials.
  3. Another alternative would be to try using a different device, preferably a computer and not a smart device such as an IPhone, Android or Tablet.

Additionally there are a few more options to try if the above solutions did not work. Please be advised that OCC cannot provide assistance with the following solutions as they make changes to one’s personal devices.

  1. Sign out of all other Gmail accounts and then attempt to sign into the Student Email link on OCC’s homepage or to the Student Email link within the Students section of MyOCC.
  2. Clear your browsers cache and cookies.
  3. Install another browser preferably Chrome or Firefox.
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