Service Catalog

Categories (7)

Network, Connectivity & Wireless

Server requests, Firewall requests, VPN, Remote Gateway Access, Wireless, and Departmental Folders/Shares.

Computing, Software & Printing

Desktop Management, Purchasing, Office Moves, Hardware/Software Installation, Print/Copy/Fax Services.


Email, Telephones, Cell Phones, Voicemail and Conferencing

Accounts, IDs and Passwords

Account creation/modification/termination, password resets, application, website access.

Business Applications

Campus-wide and departmental applications:
Colleague/Ellucian, Informer, SARS, ImageNow, Compass/Perception, etc.

IT Security & Policies

Network Security, Emergency Alert System ,Firewall, Anti-Malware and Antivirus Protection, TAUR, etc.

Student Services

Request assistance with Admissions, Student Email, Transcripts, Registration, Graduation and more.