Brightspace by D2L Browser Support Lifecycle


D2L is committed to performing key application testing when new browser versions are released. However, due to the frequency of some browser releases, D2L cannot guarantee that each browser version will perform as expected. If you encounter any issues with any of the browser versions listed in the tables below, students may contact the D2L Student Technical Helpdesk at 855-772-1235, which will determine the best course of action for resolution. Reported issues are prioritized by supported browsers and then maintenance browsers.

Note: The D2L Student Helpdesk will only provide assistance to OCC students. Have your OCC student ID number ready so they may verify your identity.

Check the Brightspace by D2L Platform Requirements related article for supported browsers and other technology.

Note the following:

  • Ensure that your browser has JavaScript and Cookies enabled.
  • For desktop systems, you must have Adobe Flash Player 10.1 or greater.

Browser life cycle categories of Investigation, Supported, and Maintenance



Browser support lifecycle Investigation The browser is recognized and under consideration by D2L, but has not been tested against any versions of D2L products and may never be fully supported.

This category is mainly used for new browsers that have a significant user base, good vendor support, and are generally considered as candidates for future D2L support.


The browser and operating system combination have been tested by D2L.


The browser is not tested extensively against new versions of D2L products, but customers can still report problems and receive support for critical issues with previous versions. D2L does not guarantee all issues will be addressed. A browser goes into maintenance either when a vendor officially ends support for it or D2L decides to end support for it. A maintenance browser becomes officially unsupported after one year.


The browser is not tested and no fixes are performed for unsupported browsers. D2L does not guarantee any product functionality and offers no support for reported problems. Generally, D2L ends support for a browser one year after the associated vendor ends their official support for it.

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To ensure the best possible experience in D2L, please make sure your browser or mobile technology is using the minimum requirements listed in the document.
To ensure that your D2L experience is as seamless as possible, we recommend that you keep your workstation up to date with a supported browser version. By using non-supported technology, you may experience technical difficulties.