How to Upload Panopto Videos to an Assignment Folder


You can upload Panopto videos to an assignment folder if your instructor has set one up.

Here's How

  1. Click on the assignment folder in your course site. You can either click on Assignments from your navigation bar (first image below) or you can click on an assignment folder that your instructor linked within a content module (second image below).

  2. In the text submission box, you can type a message to your instructor that goes along with your video if you wish. Next, click the Insert Stuff icon.
  3. Select Panopto Student Submission.
  4. Select the down-arrow to select the appropriate assignment folder that your instructor created.
    Note: It is very important to ensure the correct folder is selected, as this is where your video will be submitted to. Your instructor may have several assignment folders created so it is best to advise with your instructor if you need help selecting the appropriate folder.
  5. You have the option to upload a previously recorded video file or record a new video. Select the option you desire.

Upload a Video

  1. Drag or select your video you wish to upload. After you upload your video, you can always click on the title of your video and rename it if you wish. 
    Note: You may see that your video is processing. The amount of time it takes to process depends on the length of your video. When your video has finished processing, click Insert.
  2. You will be re-directed to a preview window. Click Insert.
  3. Click Submit to submit your assignment to your instructor.


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