Okta Multi-Factor Authentication Enrollment for Students

Oakland Community College is extending the Okta Single Sign On and Multifactor Authentication platform used by faculty and staff to OCC students!  This integration will add extra security to student accounts while providing a more seamless sign on experience across many applications used at OCC.

  1. Open a web browser on a computer and go to https://oaklandcc.okta.com
    - Supported web browsers include Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Edge.
    - Make sure to access the link using a computer and not from your smart device. You will not be able to scan the QR Code otherwise.

Note: If you receive a sign in pop-up in your browser window please click the cancel button:


  1. Enter your OCC username
    *NOTE - Your OCC username is before the @ symbol in your email address
    Click Next

  2. Enter your OCC password
    Click Verify

  3. Click the Set up button to setup your security question

  4. Choose a security question from the drop down and enter an answer to the question
    Click Verify
    You may also create your own security question by clicking the radio button next to the create my own security question option.

  5. This next step will set up your second authentication factor and is required or you may lose access to your applications. If you have an iPhone or Android smartphone please follow section A to set up Okta Verify on your device. If you do not have one of these devices please skip to section B to set up text or voice one-time passcodes. Note that we strongly recommend using Okta Verify for added security. Text and voice one-time passcodes should only be used if you do not have an iPhone or Android smartphone.

Section A – Okta Verify Setup

A1. Download the Okta Verify app from the Apple App Store or Google Play

A2. Open the Okta Verify app on your device and follow these steps:

  • Tap add account
  • On the Account Type screen tap Organization
  • Tap Yes, Ready to scan

A3. Back on your computer click the Set up button under the Okta Verify option


A4. Scan the QR code displayed on the computer screen


A5. On your device if you are prompted to allow push notifications tap the allow button.

Also, if prompted enable Face ID or Touch ID on Apple devices and Biometrics on Android devices.

A6. Back on your computer, click Set up later and proceed to step 7


Section B – SMS or Voice Call One-Time Password Setup

B1. Click the Set up button under the phone option


B2. Choose either SMS or Voice Call by clicking the appropriate radio button then enter your phone number in with area code (ex. 2481231234)
Click the Receive a code via SMS


B3. Enter the code you receive
       Click the verify button


B4. Click Set up later for the Okta Verify option.
       Please note, you can add Okta Verify to your account at anytime if you have a supported device.


  1. Enter a secondary email address to be used for account recovery. This should be a non-OCC address.
    Click Finish


    You will now be taken to the Okta Dashboard in your browser window. From here on you will be able to access OCC applications that are set up to use Okta single sign on and multifactor authentication.
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