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You can send emails to class members or your instructor from the Classlist in D2L. You may use this feature as an alternative to logging into your OCC student email account in order to send an email message.The D2L system is a "send-only" system which allows instructors and students to send emails to the class from D2L; thus emails sent to you from D2L can be accessed and read from your OCC student email account. In order to send emails from D2L, you must have an active OCC student email account.


OCC students and faculty can click on the video below to launch.

Here's How

  1. Once logged into D2L, select your course by clicking on the grid icon.
  2. Once you enter your course, click the Other Tools Actions dropdown menu on the navigation bar and select Classlist.
  3. Select the checkbox(es) of the classmate(s) you would like to email, then click Email.

    Note: You can select all of the names on the page by clicking to select the checkbox next to the Image column above the list of names.
  4. In the Compose New Message box, type in the Subject and Body for the email and click Send at the top left of the email.

    The email address(es) of the users you selected from the Classlist will be added to the Bcc field. You will receive a copy of the sent email to your OCC email inbox.
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