Setting Up Notifications


D2L notifications control how you receive information about course activity. It is recommended that you set up notifications to alert you by email or text message when there is new activity in your courses. These settings does not apply to Pulse notifications.

Important Note

D2L will be sunsetting the SMS Notifications barring any delays in July 2024.

D2L originally built this using a technology service available from most providers, email to SMS. Now, this service is being deprecated by providers and we are experiencing not only inconsistent delivery times but also large-scale outages at some of the largest mobile providers in North America.

For additional information regarding the change, navigate to the D2L community article, Intent to EOL SMS Notifications.


OCC students and faculty can click on the video to launch it.

Here's How

  1. Log into D2L then find your Personal Menu with your name at the top right of the My Home page. See screenshot below.
  2. Click on your name then select Notifications.
    Note: Another way to access Notifications is in the Announcements widget located on the Course Home page in a course site.
  3. Choose the Contact Method you want to use to receive notifications e.g. email or mobile.
  4. Sign up for a Summary of Activity for your Courses to receive by email; select Daily for how often, and the Time of day to receive the summary. 
  5. Choose to receive Instant Notifications of different Course Components by checking off the boxes next to the component names e.g. Content and Grades.
    Note: You may select Email and SMS (text messages) contact methods.
    1. If you enable notifications for Discussions, you must also subscribe to forums, topics, and threads to receive instant notifications.
      This is a screenshot of the D2L Instant Notifications screen. In addition, the screenshot is bringing attention to the End of Life of the SMS options in July of 2024 with a red arrow.
  6. Select options to Customize Notifications e.g. allow past, future, or inactive courses to send notifications.
  7. If you don't want to receive notifications for some courses, click Mange My Course Exclusions then select your course/s.
    Note: This removes a course, or courses, from your notifications.
  8. When finished, click Save.
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