Content Availability with Date Restrictions and Release Conditions


Date Restrictions

Your instructor may use Date Restrictions for Content to control when a module or topic is available for you to access. This means that modules and topics may only be available during a specific range of time. Instructors may also set up Due Date deadlines for modules and topics. Due dates are different than date restrictions. Check with your instructor first regarding any questions about specific due dates.

Release Conditions

Your instructor may also use Release Conditions to control the availability of content and activities in your course. Release Conditions allow you access to course materials in Content only after you have met a certain condition. For example, your instructor may require you to view a specific content topic before allowing you access to a weekly assignment. Contact your instructor with any questions relating to accessing course content.

Here's How

Date Restrictions for a Module  

  1. Once you enter your course, click Content on the navigation bar.
  2. Click on a Module (e.g. Week 1), the Date Restrictions listed under the module name show the date and time when the module is available for you to access.

    Note: Your instructor may allow all the topics and activities to be available between the start and end dates of the module or your instructor may add different date restrictions to certain content items. Some instructors don't add any restrictions, which means you can access content at any time.

Date Restrictions for a Topic

Start and End Dates

Topics with Date Restrictions can be accessed on the Start date but will no longer be available after the End date.

Due Dates

Important! If a Due Date is assigned to a topic, you will need to submit all required work by the Due Date, even though the End Date for the topic may be listed after the Due Date. In the example below, the discussion is available starting May 24, 2018, at 8:00AM and is no longer available after 5:00PM on June 1, 2018. However! You must submit all your required work for the discussion by the due date of May 30, 2018, 5:00PM.

Note: Check with your instructor if you have any questions regarding deadlines for your coursework!

Release Conditions for Accessing Content

Release Conditions allow you to see modules or topics only after you have met a certain condition set up by your instructor.

In the example below, before the Week One-Chapter One Discussion would be visible, you would:

  1. Click Content on the navigation bar.
  2. Click on the Week 1.
  3. Click on the Week One Readings topic to view the content.

    Note: Once you complete the reading, a checkmark will automatically appear to the right of the topic and then the Discussion Topic will be made visible.

 Note: Any questions relating to accessing course content should be directed to your instructor.

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