D2L Supported Devices


You may access D2L from a compliant desktop/laptop computer, smartphone or tablet. A variety of devices may be used along with a supported browser version to ensure the best possible experience in D2L.

Here's Why

Computers and Laptops

Check to ensure your desktop/laptop meets the technology requirements for D2L. Keep your browser version up to date to ensure you have a successful experience using D2L tools and features. Check that you have a supported browser and version installed on your desktop, laptop or device. View the list of the D2L supported browser versions.

Activities You Can Do

You may use a desktop/laptop for accessing all tools, features and activities in D2L. Using a desktop/laptop device (with a supported browser and version) to access D2L is recommended to ensure a successful experience in D2L.

Supported Browser Versions 

Installing the latest version of a browser does not mean it will be compatible with D2L. Review the supported browsers and versions list before installing. You may contact the D2L Helpdesk for assistance with any issues you experience relating to browser compatibility.

Mobile Devices

Be prepared. You may access D2L any time from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. View the list of the mobile versions supported.

Activities You Can Do

For time and grade critical activities, such as taking a quiz, we recommend you use a supported desktop web browser and a reliable Internet connection. Additionally, some features of D2L may work differently or may work with reduced functionality when using a supported mobile device.

Accessible for Assistive Technologies

D2L has a clean design with new fonts and layouts and is accessible to those using assistive technologies such as screen readers.

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To ensure the best possible experience in D2L, please make sure your browser or mobile technology is using the minimum requirements listed in the document.
To ensure that your D2L experience is as seamless as possible, we recommend that you keep your workstation up to date with a supported browser version. By using non-supported technology, you may experience technical difficulties.