How to Create a Digital Signature in Adobe

*Note:  This example is shown using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.

  1. Open Adobe Acrobat 
    Click Edit
    Click Preferences 

  2.  Under the Categories menu, choose Signatures
    Next to Identities & Trusted Certificates, click More

  3. Click Add ID
    Select A new digital ID I want to create now
    Click Next

  4. Ensure that New PKCS#12 digital ID file is selected
    Click Next

  5. Fill out the Name, Organizational Unit, Organization Name and Email Address fields only.  Do not change Country/Region, Key Algorithm, or Use digital ID for. 
    Click Next

  6. Choose a password for your digital signature.  Note:  If you forget this password, you will have to create a new digital signature as there is no password recovery mechanism. 
    Click Finish

    *NOTE – Students should save the Signature file to a personal flash drive or cloud location when accessing Adobe through the Horizon client.

  7. View your new digital signature.  You can now use your digital signature to sign Adobe Acrobat forms.


Sign an Adobe Document with Your Digital Signature

  1. Make ALL necessary changes (if any) to your document first, before signing.  Caution:  If any changes are made after the signature is in place, the document will display a note indicating changes that were made after signing.    
  2. Click Certificates in the menu bar on the right of the screen.  This will cause a new tool bar to open at the top of the screen. 

    Note:  If you do not have “Certificates” as an option in the menu on the right, you will need to take the following additional steps to add this option to the menu:  

    1. Select Tools (upper left portion of screen)
    2. Locate Certificates and click Add  

  3. Select Digitally Sign and follow the instructions in the pop-up windows.  You will be selecting the area where you wish the signature to appear and then entering your password.  You will be instructed to save the document and then your signature will appear.  

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