Emergency Alert System

What this service does:

Oakland Community College's Emergency Alert System (EAS) enables the college to send rapid notification to students, faculty, and staff in the event of an emergency.

The Emergency Alert System is the official system used to notify students and staff of class cancelations, school closing, or of an emergency situation such as an active shooter.

You can set up the EAS to use multiple contact methods to send messages to you, including text message, voice message up to 3 phone numbers, and up to 2 emails.

The actual EAS system is managed by Public Safety.   If you have questions about your EAS account, contact the department Administrative Specialist at Ext. 4661.

Who can request it?

Students and College Employees

How to Get This Service

To get this service, go to the EAS Page and read the "Sign-up Instructions", then click the "Sign Up" button.   (You'll need your college user name and password.)

Existing EAS members may access the same link to update their contact information.   

NOTE:  If you change cell phone carriers, you must update this form to get text messages.

Also, note that every fall, non-employee students are removed from the system unless they have registered for the semester.



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