Student Wireless Support

What This Service Does

Oakland Community College maintains a large wireless network for Students to utilize.  There are over 600 wireless access points with a focus on our classrooms, therefore over 95% of our classrooms have coverage.  Students are to select OCC-Student from the list of available networks. It will require their MyOCC User Name and password to authenticate and access the network. This will encrypt the wireless traffic, providing stronger security of their network traffic. 

*Note: Also available, in certain areas, is the OCC-Guest wireless network connection.  This network connection will be limited in bandwidth and time usage, it is not recommend for student use.

Knowledge Base articles for accessing the OCC-Student network can be found listed under the Related Articles section of this request.  Please review these articles if you are having difficulty connecting to the OCC-Student wireless network.   

If you are experiencing trouble authenticating, please ensure you are using your MyOCC User Name and Password.

  1. Verify your credentials by logging into MyOCC
    • Not sure of your User Name, select What is my User Name? from the MyOCC Log In page
    • Not sure of your Password, select Show my password hint. from the MyOCC Log In page
    • Not accepting your Password and you have a personal email account on file, select Reset my password.
    • Contact Enrollment Services @ (248) 341-2280 if unable to reset Password
  2. Else submit a request via this Service.

Who Can Request This Service

Current students

How to Get This Service

Report an issue with accessing OCC-Student WiFi by selecting Request Service, complete the form and click the Request button.

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