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Online Learning Readiness Course: Important Faculty Information

The following are important facts that faculty should be aware of as pertains to the newly-implemented student course "Online Learning Readiness" as a required pre-requisite for students wishing to register for online courses:

  • Completion of this course with a passing grade is a mandatory requirement to register for online or hybrid courses.
  • After registering for this course, students will have until the course’s end date to complete the course.
  • This course takes an average of three (3) hours to complete.
  • Students will take the course within OCC's Learning management system, D2L.
  • Students must complete the course with a final grade of 75% or higher.
  • The Online Learning Readiness course (DIST-1000) is free and runs from the end of August to the following end of August.
  • Students may take the course as many times as they wish but only need to pass it once.
  • Students may register for this course whether or not they are planning on taking an online or hybrid course right away.
    1. Students register via MyOCC.
    2. Once logged in, they will go to the Students Menu and click on "Register for Online Learning Readiness Course" to complete the registration process.
    3. On the next business day, the student will be able to access the course in D2L. It will be listed on the Select a Course drop-down menu on the D2L My Home Page.
  • After successfully completing the course, the student’s grade will be posted to MyOCC on the next business day, which will then allow the student to register for online or hybrid courses.
  • Sections being augmented with D2L do not have the DIST-1000 pre-requisite. Augmented classes are traditional face-to-face sections where instructors use a D2L site for posting grades or copies of handouts, etc.
Note: Students may contact the following areas for support.
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