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There may be students who require extra time for every quiz in a course (rather than just for a single assessment).  The D2L system allows an instructor to make a one-time "Accommodation" configuration that is automatically applied to all quizzes in the course site.
You can give one or more students special access to your quiz to allow individual students earlier access to the quiz, to allow individual students later access to the quiz, to allow individual students more time to take a quiz, or to to allow individual students a different number of attempts in the quiz.

Here's How
When asked by an instructor to take a quiz in D2L, knowing the process—as well as what you can and cannot do—is important. Most issues taking a quiz in D2L happen because of unreliable internet connections and a failure to save each question as answered.

When taking quizzes: 
•Make sure you have a reliable internet connection (best from a wired connection) 
•Save each question answer as you go
If you are experiencing any issues with HonorLock or have any questions for HonorLock. Please contact HonorLock directly.
Your instructor may allow more than one attempt at a quiz so check the Quiz Details carefully. You'll also find on the Quiz Details page the time allowed and the dates on which you may access the quiz.