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I'm trying to attach or upload a file and D2L won’t let me OR I’ve attached or uploaded a file to D2L, but when I click on it in D2L it won’t open and I get an error message.


Option 1

Make sure the file name doesn't have characters like slashes ("/") ampersands ("&"), question marks, quotation marks or asterisks. When naming files you intend to attach or upload to D2L, it is best to use only alpha-numeric characters, and, if necessary, underscores and dashes, as D2L does doesn’t recognize the special characters mentioned above.

Option 2

Check to ensure the file contains the appropriate file extension following the period, for example 'yourfilename.pdf' or 'yourfilename.docx'. When you initially save the file the program you are using will automatically add the appropriate extension to your file UNLESS you manually add a period and extension yourself which is not recommended.

The best way to ensure your file has the appropriate extension is to not use periods in your file name.

If you are working in one of these programs and save a file without using a period in the file name and the file name appears in the Open or Save dialog box without showing the .docx extension, the program is still adding it automatically.

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