Frequently Asked Questions and System Requirements - D2L Students


With D2L you can access online course materials and activities, as well as collaborate with your instructor and other students from your home, office or anywhere with an Internet connection.

OCC also has a dedicated D2L technical support team which is available 24 x 7 x 365 to help you with questions specific to D2L. See the below articles for information regarding how to obtain help.

Listed below are some general FAQs that will help you with questions you may have regarding the system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Course Information

Help! I don't see my courses listed in D2L. What do I do?

Check your My Class Schedule on MyOCC.

  1. Did you register today?
    1. Yes, I registered today.
      1. Wait 1 business day for your enrollment to be added to D2L.
    2. No, it has been at least 3 days since I registered.
      1. Do you see a link to D2L next to the course section in the My Class Schedule?
        1. Yes, I see the D2L link next to the section.
          1. Check the dates for the section.
            1. The course will appear in D2L from the Select a course...dropdown menu 7 days before the MyOCC start date.
            2. The course will disappear in D2L from the Select a course dropdown menu 10 days after the MyOCC end date.
        2. No, I don't see the D2L link next to the section.
          1. If you do not see the link but you believe your instructor is using D2L, contact your instructor for more information.

How do I know if my course is in D2L?

IF your instructor will be using D2L, a link will be visible next to the courses listed under My Class Schedule when you are logged into MyOCC.

Who do I contact for questions I have about course materials?

Contact your instructor if you have questions regarding your course's content, materials, due dates, etc.

General Information

Help! What does this error mean? "No login. Either you have failed to login or your login has expired."

This is an error message indicating that your D2L session was ended due to inactivity. An inactivity timeout of 180 minutes (3 hours) has been set for OCC's D2L system. If you are logged into the system and remain idle (navigate to no new pages) for longer than 3 hours, the system will automatically log you out. If you attempt any function in OCC's D2L system and have been logged out due to inactivity, you will receive the following message: No login. Either you have failed to login or your login has expired. To continue using OCC's D2L system, you would have to log in again.

Note: Any unsaved information will have been lost and is not recoverable due to the inactivity and the resulting end of session.


Where do I go to get help with logging into D2L?

D2L uses your MyOCC credentials to log you into the system. If you do not remember your MyOCC username, choose the "What's My User Name" link at the bottom of MyOCC. If you do not remember your MyOCC password, choose the "What's My Password" link at the bottom of MyOCC, or you can visit any Enrollment Services location and ask to have your MyOCC password reset.

Frequently Used Terms and Definitions


D2L is the system used by OCC to deliver online and hybrid courses as well as materials and activities for some face to face courses. Sometimes you may hear OCC's D2L system referred to as Brightspace by D2L.


Learning Environment: Term used by the company D2L to define their learning management system.


Learning Management System: a web-based application used to organize and distribute digital materials used in course work, assignments, and assessments; track and calculate grades; and facilitate communication among students and teachers. OCC's LMS is D2L.


Where can I find information regarding D2L's web accessibility compliance?

Currently Oakland Community College uses the D2L Learning Environment. To review accessibility information regarding the Learning Environment, visit D2L's Accessibility Standards Compliance page.

Do you have an example of how D2L works with the JAWS screen reader?

Review the D2L Screen Reader Tips.


Why do certain areas of the D2L system stop working when I install and use the beta version of a browser?

Beta versions of browsers are not supported. Please use a supported general release version of the browser.

What browsers are supported and compatible with OCC's D2L learning management system?

See below.

Platform Requirements

Browser Support

Review the Browser Support Lifecycle and Platform Requirements for an updated list on what browsers and version are currently supported by D2L.

Supported File Formats

Review Brightspace's Platform Requirements document for file types.

D2L Helpdesk

Help is available to D2L students experiencing problems with the D2L system. The D2L Helpdesk is available 24 by 7 including weekends and holidays (855) 772-1235 (toll free).

The helpdesk cannot assist with:

  • questions about your course, grades or course materials; contact your instructor
  • password resets
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