Setting Default Web Browser Font Preferences


Your web browser displays web pages that are formatted with HTML code. Sometimes this code assigns very specific styling to the page elements you see, like font style and size; other times, the code doesn't force formatting and allows users to control what font style and size they are using to view web pages.

OCC faculty do their best to be diligent in creating accessible content that allows you as a student to set your own default browser font preferences. As a student, you should be familiar with exactly how you can control the way web page text appears. Below are tutorial guides for all major web browsers that step you though the process of setting your default browser font preferences.

Note: Read Supported Browsers and Technology for D2L to learn which browsers work best with D2L.

Here's How

Microsoft Edge

Change font weight (bold) and size for reading view in Microsoft Edge (Reading Mode only)

Microsoft Internet Explorer

(no longer supported by D2L)

Internet Explorer Ease of Access options

Google Chrome

Change text, image, and video sizes (zoom)

Mozilla Firefox

Change the fonts and colors websites use

Safari (Mac OS)

Safari for Apple OS X – Changing fonts

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