Common Reasons for Not Seeing Feedback on Assignment Folders


You may or may not be able to see feedback on an assignment submission folder. Here are some common reasons:

  • You need to submit a file to an Assignment Folder but you have not done so.
  • Your instructor has not left feedback on your assignment submission.
  • Your instructor needs to allow you to see the feedback on the assignment submission.

Here's Why

You Must Submit

Your instructor cannot provide feedback on an assignment that was not submitted. The D2L system displays a reminder for you on the Assignment Submission Folders page: After uploading, you must click Submit to complete the submission.

Note: After submitting, the File Upload Results page will display File Submission Successful.

No Feedback Left by Instructor

Some instructors:

  • don't provide feedback.
  • haven't started evaluating submissions.
  • haven't released the feedback to be viewed by you.

If your instructor has not left feedback (e.g. score or submission feedback comments), the Feedback column will be blank on the Assignment Submissions Folders page. If you have questions, ask your instructor.

Feedback Not Released by Instructor

Your instructor may not allow any feedback on a submission folder to be available for viewing until a specific date and time. If you have questions regarding the lack of feedback, ask your instructor.

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