Pre-Daylight, this tool was labeled Dropbox. The Assignments tool enables you to submit assignments in D2L.

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Acceptable Assignment Submission Types

Provides information regarding acceptable file types that can be submitted for assignments

Common Reasons for Not Seeing Feedback on Assignment Folders

You may or may not be able to see feedback on an assignment submission folder for common reasons:

•You need to submit a file to an Assignment Folder but have not done so.
•Your instructor has not left feedback on your assignment submission.
•Your instructor has yet to release the feedback on the assignment submission.

Restricted File Types

D2L restricts a number of file types from being able to be uploaded security reasons and to help ensure expected functionality is experienced by you.

Submitting to Assignment Submission Folders

Your instructor may have you submit papers or other assignments to the Assignment Submission Folders in D2L. There are multiple ways to access Assignment Submission Folders. Your instructor may include a link from within Content to an Assignment Submission Folder or you may access from Assignments found in your course navigation bar.

Viewing Feedback from an Assignment Folder

Your instructor may leave feedback on your Assignment Submissions in D2L. There may be reasons why you are not able to see feedback. Refer to the article, "Common Reasons for Not Seeing Feedback on Assignment Folders." After you have reviewed these reasons, here are steps to help you with viewing feedback on an Assignment Folder in D2L.

Viewing Inline Feedback (Annotations) from Instructors on D2L Assignment Submissions

Students can view inline feedback (annotations) that instructors have added directly to their submissions, easily from within an assignment folder in Assignments.

Viewing Turnitin Similarity Reports

Your instructor may use Turnitin for checking originality of sources for assignments submitted in D2L.