Navigating My Home, Settings and Course Home


After you log into D2L, you'll find yourself on the D2L My Home page. Found at the top of D2L's My Home page (and the Course Home page) is the Minibar. It contains the tools to help you navigate the D2L system or search for your D2L courses, as well as update your D2L profile, notifications and account settings.

Here's How

My Home

  1. After you log into D2L, you'll find yourself on the My Home page with the Minibar displaying across the top.
  2. On the Minibar from left to right, you will find the following icons: Select a course... (looks like a grid), Message alerts, Subscription alerts and Update alerts.
  3. You can get to your Settings on the My Home page by clicking on your name (e.g. Etta Distance) in the Minibar. In the resulting dropdown menu, you will find Profile, Notifications and Account Settings.
  4. From the Settings dropdown, click on Profile to upload an image of yourself and add some information such as your interests and hobbies.
  5. From the Settings dropdown, click on Notifications to set up your preferred contact methods to receive texts (SMS) to your mobile number or instant email notifications regarding your course activity and updates.

    Important Note

    D2L will be sunsetting the SMS Notifications barring any delays in July 2024.

    D2L originally built this using a technology service available from most providers, email to SMS. Now, this service is being deprecated by providers and we are experiencing not only inconsistent delivery times but also large-scale outages at some of the largest mobile providers in North America.

    For additional information regarding the change, navigate to the D2L community  article, Intent to EOL SMS Notifications.

    Note: When you graduate from OCC, please remember to remove your phone number and email so you no longer receive D2L system notifications.
  6. Select how you want to receive notifications (e.g. SMS (text), Email) about Activity Feeds, Announcements, Assignments, Content, Discussions, Grades and more.
    This is a screenshot of the D2L Instant Notifactions page. In addition, it is calling out the with a red arrow that the SMS options will be no longer avaiable after July 2024.
  7. In your Settings, select Account Settings to modify your font settings in D2L. You may also create an email signature on the email tab.

Course Home

  1. From the My Home page, click on the grid icon in the Minibar, then select your course from the dropdown menu to navigate into your course.
  2. On the Course Home page, you will see Announcements from your instructor regarding important course information.
  3. Access your course content by clicking Content in your course's navigation bar.

    Note: Your instructor may not link to Discussions, Assignments and Quizzes from within Content so you have access to these tools from the course navigation.
  4. From your course's navigation bar, select Other Tools or Student Services to see more options.
  5. Select the My Home icon in your course's navigation bar to get back to D2L's My Home page.

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